Our Story

The story of Stanley and Sarah began nearly four years ago. Stanley was a young professional who had just moved to the city of Oakland and Sarah had just moved back to the Bay Area after the Peace Corp in Palau and a short stint in Lake Tahoe.

And then it all started with a wink. A virtual one. Sarah liked his confidence. Stanley found her interesting and down to earth. They appreciated the outdoors, welcomed good food with good company, and enjoyed their time spent together. It was not long before they realized they were officially a couple - Stanley would later tell Sarah that he loved her like he loved fried chicken - and it doesn't get more official than that.

From then till now tying the knot, here's a brief summary of what has happened in between: they spent two weeks on a cruise ship (some days the waters were rough, figuratively) to Alaska - zip lining through nature and off-roading through the Yukon. They've enjoyed the wilderness, including a sleep over on a Safari... here in Northern California. Most recently, they road-tripped across the Southwest - from Flagstaff to Sedona to Chinle to Monument Valley (where Stanley proposed under the beautiful Utah stars and the fresh fallen snow on Christmas night) - it is a trip they will never forget.

Today, Stanley and Sarah live in the quaint Rockridge neighborhood (slowly maxing out their storage space). They enjoy spending time with their family and friends, and cannot wait for the next chapter of their story to begin - a new life together.